Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here's boring for you.

From the very beginning, I never wanted my blogdom to be any sort of propagandized political temper tantrum (or as I like to call it, a “PPTT”). I’ve always made fun of people with a single digit online following who blog passionately about politics, revolutions, and non-role model type athletes. I’ve become that person, minus the revolutions. And passion.

When people tell me that they’ve read my blog, I usually respond with, “Oh, that’s embarrassing.” People who are trying to be modest, but are actually happy to hear that someone is taking interest in their work most commonly use this phrase (like Andy Bernard). Not me, I am actually embarrassed. I know that I’m super opinionated and young, and when I write, I think I know who’s going to be reading it. Then I find out that someone I didn’t expect to read it is reading it. I try to remember what I said and if it has the potential to offend this particular reader. When I blog, I act like I’m a “no excuses, no regrets” kind of person, but I’m not. I like to think that I’m conscious and respectful of other feelings and opinions. This blog is my outlet to vent, but in real life I’m much more reserved. I like to unleash on the unsuspecting cyber-world where it seems that there is a bigger safety net. No, I haven’t recently offended someone (that I’m aware of), that’s not the reason for this post. I always thought it would be fun to be a political journalist, but my past style of writing is much too extreme and loose to be taken seriously. I also feel that I lack a good dose of life experience, another reason why I am sometimes embarrassed by what I write. When I say I’m sick of the current political scene, I imagine that someone with more life experience is thinking, “People have always felt this way with every president, it’s nothing new,” which is probably true, and my naivety is exposed. I have also learned that online debating is sort of like the Special Olympics; even if you win, you’re still retarded.

So, here’s my stance on the current political landscape; I’m just waiting out the storm, but I can’t see a safe shore, or even an island yet. I’m tired of arguing and debating, and I’m almost certain that Obama won’t even be around after 2012. I don’t see much need to argue anymore, because I don’t know many people who hold high approval of Obama anyway. I just hope that someone will show up to take his place that I feel comfortable voting for, and soon.

Donald Trump is seriously thinking about running. Heaven help us all.

Hilary Clinton has announced that she will end her career in 2012. “Ding-dong, the witch is dead!” However, I doubt we’ll never see her again.

I would vote for Palin if she ran, but I’m not sure if enough other Americans would. And she’s not the ideal candidate for me anyway.

Of course, then we have an economic wiz. A man with a business degree from Harvard, led Bain & Company out of a financial crisis as an emergency CEO, and then started his own investment firm that grew to be one of the largest and most successful in the nation. This man took control of Salt Lake City’s winter Olympics when they were in massive debt and turned it into massive profit. A man who governed a state into stronger financial security by not being afraid of spending cuts. A man such as he is refreshing to hear about amid huge American deficits. This man is Mitt Romney. Oh wait; he’s that Mormon guy, never mind.

Here is my current beacon of hope: A man by the name of Herman Cain. If you haven’t heard anything about him, look him up. The reason you probably haven’t heard anything about him is because he talks about integrity and morality, and those attributes are shunned by the world today. I still have yet to give this man my entire support, I’m going to need to see more of him first, but I’m very hopeful and happy with what I’ve heard so far. I won’t say much about his political scene now, because I don’t want to give him the official Hardy endorsement yet, but I do want to say something that I’m a little hesitant to say. You see, he’s an African-American and part of the reason I hope he turns out to be a great and successful candidate is because I really want to shut up the liberals who try to tell me that I’m a racist because I don’t like Obama. Of course if I vote for him based on that fact alone, I’m no better than the dummies that voted for Obama based on his skin color in 2008. But wouldn’t that be great? I see it as a way to prove that we actually make decisions based on the merits of the individual, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to make it seem like we’re still uneducated rednecks. I can already hear them saying that he was voted by a racist group trying to mask their racism.

Cain captivates me when I hear him speak. He is like a preacher giving a sermon, speaking boldly, powerfully, and not afraid to speak the truth. It’s refreshing to hear a man who can call a spade a spade. Let’s hope he maintains his good moral character and proves himself an honest candidate. Here is one event that he spoke at. The video is 15 minutes long, and being part of the “need-to-be-constantly-stimulated-by-short-bits-of-mediocre-entertainment” generation I didn’t want to spend that much time watching it. But once it started, I was hooked for the entire speech. I also watched his 30-minute speech at CPAC, and I would recommend it.

Take it away, Keenan!

Friday, April 15, 2011

No snappy title: Playoffs.

It's that time of year again. The only time that my blog is dependable, consistent, and well . . . predictable. That's right, it's NBA Playoff time. I actually write a lot of potential blog posts, but I never get around to finalizing them. I have 15 rough drafts last time I checked. Anyway, that's beside the point. It's PLAYOFF TIME!

Each year, I generally post two different brackets. One represents what I want to happen, and the other represents what I think will actually happen. Well, get ready for me to blow your mind, because in a pure stroke of serendipitous luck, what I want to happen, and what I think will happen are one in the same. Of course, as most of you know, my picks to win it all this year (and every previous year) are as follows, in order of importance: 1, the Spurs; and 2, anyone but the Lakers. Usually there is a number 3, anyone but the Jazz, but since they didn't even make it to the Playoffs this year, they've already been weeded out. And since Deron Williams left, the Jazz are much more tolerable to me now. Anyway, I digest. Here is my one bracket:

I try not to base my decision on my emotions, but I would agree with someone if they told me that I'm still wishfully thinking. But, if I am wishful thinking, it's just BARELY. This bracket is still possible. If I was fully wishfully thinking, the Lakers would get eliminated in the first round by the Hornets. Even though it would be sweet to watch the Spurs kick them out in the semi-finals (as I have predicted here), I would rather weed them out right away. I really like to watch close games, and feel the suspense of not knowing who will win, except when it comes to the Lakers. I would love to see them get swept in the first round, and lose each game by 50 points. Most people would change the channel out of boredom. I would watch all of those games until the final buzzer. Why do I hate the Lakers so much? Anyone reading this who has or had a two-year-old child could understand. When the child doesn't get what he or she wants, they will throw temper tantrums, hit their siblings, cry, scream, disobey, and take their punishment only when forced upon them. A good mother will have patience, teach them to be nice and civilized, accept consequence for their actions, and teach them that they can't have everything they want. They will love them and teach them how to play nice and grow up to be courteous and kind. But what if the tantrum thrower is a grown man in his thirties? This describes most of the players on the Lakers. Do you teach them to play nice? To accept consequences? No, you kick their butt in basketball, assuming they haven't headbutted your star player yet.

Anyway, got on a tangent again.

Just like every year, I'm not so sure about my predictions for the East. I don't pay as much attention to them. I am more confident this year, but I think that the Magic can beat the Bulls in the second round. If the Bulls beat them (as I've predicted), I think that they have a good shot at beating the Celtics too and the finals would be Spurs vs. Bulls.

That is all.