Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shared Firsts

I apologize for my previous outburst about the State of the Union. That's not how I wanted my blog to start out 2010. Come to think of it, I'm not sure how I wanted my blog to start out 2010 . . . (whenever you see those three dots you should imagine me looking up and to the left in a thoughtful manner). I usually set goals at the beginning of every year, but it's just because it's a convenient time to do so. A new year has never really meant anything to me. I like how my aunt put it. She said (in paraphrase) that new years is a great excuse to get time off work and party, but all it really means is that it will take months to train myself to write the new date on everything. This new year is slightly different for me though, as I look at what's ahead of me this coming year. I'm not going to bore you with details, but I'll just say that some things this year will actually force me to grow up! I've avoided it pretty dang well for the past 25 years, but it looks like I've gotta do it.

By the way, I don't really apologize for my previous outburst. I meant it, and I stick to it!

Here's something short for you to remember me by:

I have several nieces and nephews and I think they're all great. I hope that my kids are just like them. Until then, I'm competing to be the favorite uncle. So, I always find ways that I can relate to them. I hope my sister, Sarah doesn't mind me using her daughter Owyn to illustrate my point right now.

Recently, my sister posted some pictures of my niece Owyn. One picture showed Owyn sporting a small ponytail, with the caption "Owyn's first ponytail."

How cute, right? I commented by saying "I can get my hair into a ponytail about that size right now." In sisterly fashion, my siblings lovingly called me a hippy and other things. I didn't take offense to anything they said (we make fun of each other a lot), but I just got the feeling that they didn't believe me. So, check this out:

This is MY first ponytail!

Just an FYI: I realize how gross I look with a ponytail, so I don't ever leave the house like this.