Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reality T.V. part two

I hate to talk so much about t.v. because it shows just how much I actually watch it. I think that t.v. is such a huge waste of time. But, what can I say, it's so easy to make fun of.

I wrote a while ago about how MTV no longer plays music videos. Well, I stand corrected: They actually play music videos at about 3 am (don't ask how I know this), but you have to love rap. And all rap videos are basically the same: guy in a white suit shows off his money, girls, and cars. I swear, every video is the same with a different audio track dubbed over it.

I just happened to be watching Jimmy Kimmel on a night that he was interviewing the person I love to hate the most, Paris Hilton. Yes, it was a coincidence, I never watch Kimmel. Anyhow, Paris was there to plug her next, newest, and greaterest reality show yet. Yup, you guessed it, it's Paris and her new BFF 2! Apparently Paris realized that all the contestants from the first BFF show were just in it for the fame and money. Who would have guessed that shallow people would actually try to get on this show? It's a shocker. She even said to Kimmel, in paraphrase of course: "The person who became my new BFF just wanted to party and be seen with me, but wasn't really a good friend." Wow, whoda thunk it? When she said that, what I actually heard in my head was, "MTV wanted to capitalize on my undeserved sense of accomplishment."

Is anyone else nauseated by the nonsense from Jon and Kate plus 8? Personally, I am so happy that Jon is finally getting out of the mess that his wife got them in. If I were Jon (who never wanted cameras in front of his kids in the first place), I would have kicked that self-absorbed, money-grubbing chick to the curb years ago when she first decided that she wanted to exploit her children on t.v. where the lying face of the media would find any fault they could to sell their stupid magazines, and edit the show to make the family APPEAR to be relevant to the common family. And for what, Kate? A paycheck? I mean, her being a nurse, and Jon being an IT analyst are both pretty lucrative careers, but apparently Kate needs more crap for herself. And word on the street is that Kate has opted to keep cameras in the face of her kids even after the divorce to keep feeding her addiction to fashion. What a mess her kids are going to be when they're older. I dare you to name one person who has had cameras in their face since birth that turned out normal. I mean look at the Olsen twins, and Michael Jackson. Ooh, too soon?

Honestly, I mean no disrespect for the king of pop, but he was a little strange right?

There are actually 2 reality shows that have caught my attention, but I don't know if they caught my attention for the wrong reason or not. I like to see people fail, but not just any people, egotistical meatheaded people. I am watching a new show called "4th and Long," where athletes compete for a spot on the Dallas Cowboys football team. I like to pick the most annoying, big-headed person and hope he loses (Like Kobe Bryant, which I don't want to talk about, by the way). I personally hate the Cowboys, so I could care less who wins the entire competition. But it's funny to watch old college star "coulda beens" whose speech resembles that of the very retrospective minded Kip from Napoleon Dynamite ("If coach would have put me in 4th quarter, we would have won. No doubt. No doubt in my mind." "How much you wanna bet I can throw a pigskin over them mountains?" etc, etc.). What's funnier is that they are being coached by washed up NFL stars. On the first episode they made it very clear that "this is not a reality t.v. show . . . it's a tryout! (insert spits and grunts here)" But they leave the person who is eliminated every week with a catch phrase just like every other reality show I've seen; "You might play for someone else, but you won't play for the Cowboys. You're cut." Every time I hear that phrase, I think, "yeah, right, not a reality show, huh?"

But the only reason I ever got caught up in that show is because it comes on before a show that I actually like called "Pros vs. Joes." This has a similar basis: Kip-like "coulda beens" compete against retired pros in either football or basketball. It's hilarious, when the young Joes come out all pumped up, and they play their 110% while the retired pros usually goof off, and play at most at their 75% and still embarrass the Joes, after which they drop their heads and go back to their grocery store jobs. What's so funny about it is that a lot of them think that they are going to be discovered in this show, and make it big. However, the only reason they were chosen was because they are easy to make fun of after their body doesn't do what their mouth said it would. You can't write better stuff!

Anyway, this blog was more of a rambling. You're welcome. I have to go watch Family Guy now. Hey, I worked hard today, I deserve some mind-numbing before bedtime!