Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obama: This is a long one.

Yes, I know I've been gone for a long time. I'll explain later.

As for now, I recently read an article that was interesting. Keep in mind that the article came out last April. It talked about how much flack George Bush got for the amount of golf he played during his two terms in office. He played a total of 25 rounds. As of last April, however, Barack Obama played 32. So, in a little more than a year Barack played more golf than Bush did in 8 years with virtually no flack from anyone. If you feel so inclined, you can read the article here.

This article prompted more research. Here is what I discovered; a breakdown of the day-to-day response from the president during the oil spill (disclaimer: I realize that this is a totally unoriginal idea. If you Google some of this, you will find at least 10 articles exactly like it. In fact, I used some of those articles as reference. However, I did research every single thing here to discover it's truthfulness before presenting it to you and did additional research on my own. If I found that something wasn't true or if I couldn't find strong evidence to back it up, I discarded it.):

Day 1, April 20th - The spill occurs, Obama flies back to Washington after fundraising in California for Barbara Boxer, who has represented California in the Senate for almost 20 years and whose career is on the rocks. Hm, wonder why. . . Anyway, the article I referenced here is mostly for laughs. Blue Wave News is not a source that I would consider to be reliable, but blaming Republicans for everything wrong with the government is such a unique idea, so I had to share. Not to mention the fact that they can't come to any other conclusion other than that we all must simply be bigots. Bravo, Blue Wave, bravo.

Day 2, April 21st - He attends a reception for G-20 Labor Ministers. Later, discusses Michelle's plans to cure childhood obesity with paralympians (unless I misunderstood).

Day 3, April 22nd - The White House hosts Rose Garden party to honor Earth Day, where the National Resources Defense Council called carbon pollution and global warming the "single greatest environmental ill of our time" (um . . . doesn't anyone realize by now that oil is spilling into the gulf?), then flies to NYC to push Wall St. bill.

Day 4, April 23rd - Vacation in Asheville, NC, then lunch at Twelve Bones for ribs and mac and cheese, followed by a mountain hike and a round of golf. (I like this article because it tries to depict Obama as a man who can prioritize his time well enough to justify a vacation like this. These are the same people who demonized Bush for his 25 rounds of golf in 8 years. Also notice that they called his vacation a reflection of a middle-class vacation. Yes, I was just thinking that I would love to fly out to NC for a round of golf and mac and cheese while staying at Grove Park Inn resort and spa.)

Day 5, April 24th - Golf again at Grove Park Inn (apparently the Tracy person who wrote this doesn't know about the oil spill either), followed by a gourmet dinner at the Biltmore.

Day 6, April 25th - Brunch at Grove Park Resort to conclude their middle-class vacation.

Day 7, April 26th - The White House host the New York Yankees. VERY important.

Day 8, April 27th - Flies out to Iowa to hold town hall meetings and talk about jobs and the economy, but somehow the most interesting part this visit was the rhubarb pie at Jerry's Diner.

Day 9, April 28th - Flies to Missouri for lunch at Peggy Sue's Diner.

Day 10, April 29th - DNC fundraiser at ritzy DC residence. Asking admission price to the event in a hospital-converted-home was $30,400 per couple.

Day 11, April 30th - Flight to Maryland to view secret service binoculars. I wonder if he could see the oil spill from MD with those new binoculars.

Day 12, May 1st - Obama joins Jay Leno for a comedy routine at WHCD. (No, he didn't use failed policies from his short presidency as the leading punchline for his routine, but he did manage to make fun of Arizona and anyone else interested in upholding federal laws.)

Day 13, May 2nd - Obama FINALLY visits Louisiana. Yes, 13 days into the crisis. That article is funny because they make fun of Fox News when they said that Obama hadn't visited the oil spill yet. They reply with (in paraphrase) "Yes-huh! He visited them after 13 days in the crisis after he took vacations and a few rounds of golf! See, he's doing his job!"

Day 14, May 3rd - He hosts Navy football team. Receives chest bumps.

Day 15, May 4th - Holds private lunch with Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.

Day 16, May 5th - Hosts Cinco De Mayo party at the White House. The party was placed as a guise to promote immigration reform. Because we all know that crossing the border legally and having to pay taxes and contribute to the American economy is such a pain in the butt.

Day 17, May 6th - Summers gives update on the economy. I can imagine how that meeting went. "It's not looking so good."

Day 18, May 7th - Gives Rose Garden speech on economy.

Day 19, May 8th - Golf at Ft. Belvoir, followed by dining at Komi, a ritzy DC restaurant. Another middle-class retreat? The Huffington Post is always good for a laugh.

Day 20, May 9th - Obama gives commencement speech at Hampton University.

Day 21, May 10th - Picks a supreme court justice. Good timing for it, considering that he has done an exceptional job at avoiding the oil crisis.

Day 22, May 11th - Private lunch and round of golf with Joe "clueless" Biden.

Day 23, May 12th - Obama speaks with President Karzai of Afghanistan. Probably a good thing, this one.

Day 24, May 13th - Flies to Buffalo, NY for Duff's hot wings.

Day 25, May 14th - Obama takes time to make a speech from the Rose Garden about the oil spill. That article is particularly hilarious because Obama mentions how oil execs are all trying to point the finger at each other and "The American people could not have been impressed with that display, and I certainly wasn't." Funny, get it? Because Obama constantly points the finger at Bush and Republicans and rocks and . . . well, you get it. Unfortunately, too many Americans are too much in love with Barack to notice the severe hypocrisy in that statement. Especially interesting is the fact that in a brilliant act of arrogance, Obama, after hammering the right wingers who supported offshore drilling, suddenly changed his mind a few weeks prior to the oil spill and all the Obamaniacs (who didn't really pay attention to his campaign anyway) changed their minds and went from demonizing pro-drillers to praising the new pro-drilling Obama. Soooo, Obama took the pressure off himself by blaming all the execs who are blaming each other. In other words, Obama tip toes slyly out of a bucket of crap and still smells like a rose.

Day 26, May 15th - After proclaiming the week of May 15 National Police Week (even though John F. Kennedy already proclaimed it back in the 60's), Obama didn't even show up for the event, the first president in 21 years to not show. He must have been doing something super important, right? Well, if you consider hosting the Philadelphia Phillies in the White House (and getting another number 44 jersey) important, then yes. If you don't consider that important, then how about another round of golf? 'Cause he did that too.

Day 27, May 16th - Golf again at Ft. Belvoir. Apparently the day before wasn't enough.

Day 28, May 17th - White House hosts UConn women's basketball team. This time he didn't get a number 44 jersey though. He got a number 1.

Day 29, May 18th - Tours plant in Ohio. Okay, spill is in Louisiana, but I don't know details of this visit. Probably legit.

Day 30, May 19th - Obama hosts elaborate dinner party for Calderon followed by a night of dancing. Middle-class event again, I'm sure. Be sure to note the list of celebrities in attendance.

Day 31, May 20th - Naturally, Obama would meet with musician Bono . . . naturally. Oh, and I'm willing to admit that I really question the reliability of that source, soooo. . .

Day 32, May 21st - Why not hang out with another sports team? The Steelers visit the White House, Obama receives yet another number 44 jersey.

Day 33, May 22nd - Golfing! At Andrews Air Force Base.

Day 34, May 23rd - Obama shoots hoops and discusses basketball with Marv Albert, discusses Lebron James. Meanwhile, oil has reached Ireland.

Day 35, May 24th - Obama hosts Asian American celebration.

Day 36, May 25th - Flies to San Francisco to attend a party hosted by the Getty Oil family and campaigns for Barbara Boxer. He hasn't yet realized that he isn't considered a good endorsement for democratic candidates anymore.

Day 37, May 26th - Day 2 in California where he discusses the economy with Schwarzenegger. In case you forgot, he is the governor of California. In case you forgot, California is drowning in debt. I'm glad these two are talking to each other about the economy.

Day 38, May 27th - Back to the White House in time to host the Duke Blue Devils. Later the U.S. World Cup soccer team would come over. Then he hosts a party for Jewish Americans before loading his family into a helicopter to go on a weekend vacation to Chicago. The article tries to make us feel bad that Obama had to take time out of his vacation to address the spill for a few minutes.

Day 39, May 28th - Spends day in Chicago as part of their vacation, takes a little bit of time out to address the spill (see previous link).

Day 40, May 29th - Obama spends some time at the University of Chicago playing basketball, then an evening BBQ.

Day 41, May 30th - Hitting the gym. The article tells us all of the other unproductive things he did. But, hey, vacation is for relaxing, I s'pose.

Day 42, May 31st - Skips Arlington, but not to tend to a crisis or anything.

Day 43, June 1st - Meets with the president of Peru.

Day 44, June 2nd - Paul McCartney concert at the White House. For the record, I would invite a Beatle into my house over doing work any day of the week.

Day 45, June 3rd - Obama attends Krishna reception.

Day 46, June 4th - Hosts Major League Soccer champs, Salt Lake. This time he didn't get a number 44 jersey, but don't worry, he got a number 10 jersey. Later he would go to Louisiana. To talk about the oil spill crisis? Not sure, but let's hope it at least came up in conversation during his five hour lunch meeting.

Day 47, June 5th - Gives a press statement in the morning, then clears his schedule to give himself personal time. Seriously.

Day 48, June 6th - Attends Kelly Clarkson concert at Ford Theatre. Meanwhile, Biden hosts a BBQ for liberal media, which includes bounce houses and water fights. Seriously, you should click on that link if only to see the pictures and video. No wonder the liberal media like him so much.

Day 49, June 7th - Obama gives speech to Michigan HS. Notice in the opening paragraph of this article, they allude to calling Obama a "celebrity". More on that later.

Day 50, June 8th - White House hosts BBQ for members of Congress. This was about the same time Obama said he needed to know "whose ass to kick" over the oil spill.

Day 53, June 11th - Broadway night! I may have this date mixed up. Stupid, nonetheless.

Day 54, June 12th - Obama compares oil spill to 9/11 because it's "going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come." Yup, just like 9/11 did.

Day 55, June 13th - How about another round of golf?

Day 56, June 14th - Flies to Mississippi and gets a snow cone.

Day 57, June 15th - Walk on the Florida beach with Charlie Crist to check out oil damage. But it seems like Crist is finding everything on the beach is just peachy.

Day 58, June 16th - 20 min meeting with BP execs.

Day 59, June 17th - Begins his lawsuit against the state of Arizona. (Can you believe AZ would have the nerve to enforce a federal law?)

Day 60, June 18th - Attends White Sox baseball game. Obama witnesses Strasburg set a strikeout record. Everyone else witnesses a jackass in a private suite that their tax dollars are probably paying for.

Day 61, June 19th - Golfing. Apparently this is his 41st time since becoming president.

Day 62, June 20th - Relaxation day (needs to recuperate from 6 hours of golf).

Day 63, June 21st - BBQ at the White House.

Day 64, June 22nd - Hosts gay, lesbian, and transgender party at the White House.

Day 66, June 24th - Obama meets with Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, but for some reason the only news worth telling about that visit is their trip to local Virginia burger joint.

Day 67, June 25th - Back at G-20.

Day 68, June 26th - Meets with Prime Minister Kan.

Day 70, June 28th - Obama proposes a plan to increase airwaves for mobile internet. I guess he needs to check his emails when he's on the golf course.

Day 71, June 29th - Meeting with a bipartisan group of senators to discuss the passing of energy and climate legislation. By bipartisan, he means a group of 15 democrats, 7 republicans, and Joe Lieberman. Later met with the Hispanic Democratic Congressional caucus for reasons that I couldn't uncover.

Day 72, June 30 - Obama holds a town hall meeting in Racine, Wisconsin to sympathize with their unemployment problem, but not before telling a lame joke. You can be sure that he demonized the republican party during his remarks, including indirect blame placed on George Bush (seriously, read the article, it's like a total GOP bash). Then he had the nerve to say that the economy is on the road to recovery. In a totally unrelated note, June 30, 2010 (this same day) was declared the 3rd largest single day debt increase, almost $166 trillion--larger than the entire annual deficit of 2007. And surprise, the Washington Times tried to blame Bush.

Day 73, July 1 - Obama begins (or rather, continues) his push for Immigration Reform.

Day 75, July 3 - Gives a weekly address about investing in clean energy. A clean gulf is not mentioned.

Day 76, July 4 - Hosts a White House BBQ, and gave a short speech. He made sure to remind everyone that "We celebrate the principles that are timeless, tenets first declared by men of property and wealth but which gave rise to what Lincoln called a new birth of freedom in America." Thank goodness Lincoln fixed the principles put in place by those awful men of property and wealth. Remind me, Barack, how much is your home in Chicago? You can thank capitalism for that.

Day 77, July 5 - Obama unveils his new direction for NASA, which includes ceasing space exploration altogether and instead pursuing a "new beginning of the relationship between the United States and the Muslim world." I didn't realize that was NASA's job . . .

Day 78, July 6 - Meeting with Netanyahu.

Day 80, July 8 - Obama hits the road to campaign for democratic leaders facing the November elections. Including Harry Reid who has been suffering in the polls since healthcare was passed. All things considered, Obama doesn't seem like a good endorsement for Reid.

Day 81, July 9 - Remarks on the economy, indirectly blames Bush, assures that we are on the right track to recovery, same ole, same ole.

Day 82, July 10 - In Italy to meet with the Pope.

Day 83, July 11 - GOLF!

Day 85, July 13 - Obama announces his strategy for fighting HIV/AIDS. No, his strategy did not include "Don't sleep with strangers."

Day 86, July 15th - The leaked is reported as stopped after the U.S. Government gave permission to shut off the valves.

** Okay, okay. I know what some of you are thinking. Let me sum up everything: I realize that I am taking tiny slivers out of Barack's day. I realize that a lot of these articles are biased. But, in my defense, most of them are biased in favor of Obama, I just find them ridiculous still. In fact, I feel like the articles in favor of Obama are the most damning to him, because it's so blatantly obvious that they are leaving out key details. Am I unfair in this blog? Probably. Do I believe that if Obama had visited the gulf more often, the oil spill would be resolved any sooner? No. Although I think that if Obama had accepted the offers to help, it could have been stopped sooner. Maybe I'm one of those radicals who will think that everything Obama does is crap, but I don't believe I am. After all, I did mention some days when he did good things.

Now, I can't even imagine how hard it would be to be the president. So much stress, and so many problems to deal with. Traveling around the world would be exhausting enough without then having to deal with political issues. The president deserves the occasional vacation. He needs time to relax, I have no problem with that. But this is obscene. I don't want a president who leads a celebrity lifestyle. Why are Beyonce and Jay Z in the situation room? Why is Michelle buying $6,000 dresses? Why is she taking day trips to shop in Europe? Not to mention the Spain trip that I'm sure you all know about. Why is Barack appearing on talk shows to take pop culture quizzes? For crying out loud, the only thing I heard about during the first month of his presidency was the new dog he got. Those who idolize him don't care about the state of the Union. They care about his personal life and swoon over how articulate and smart he is. Why do we think it's so great that he plays basketball? I love the sport too, but I can't ditch work to play it. And if you're wondering, as of August 4, 2010, he has played golf 43 times. Again, Bush played golf 25 times. . . In 8 years. This is not pro Bush blog, but I'm just wondering: where's the flack for Obama's golfing?

I don't want to make enemies out of my friends who support Obama. I'm capable of being friends with you. But, if you happen to be one of those who still support him, do me a favor: Crawl out of your apparently deep cave, and once your eyes have adjusted to the sun, tell me what it is about him that you think is praiseworthy. And don't tell me that it's because he's smart, and articulate, and personable. Because I already know all of that, and those qualities do not equal a good president. Think in terms of his campaign (hopefully the reason you voted for him) when he promised tax cuts for anyone making under $250,ooo a year. Last I checked, I don't make that much, and instead of a tax cut I got a tax mandate to pay for everyone's healthcare. Do you remember when he said he was going to end the wars? How many troops has he sent out now (I actually agree with that decision, but I can imagine how anyone who voted for him would be a little angry about that.)? I could keep going, but instead, I'll let you point out to me a promise he made during his campaign that he has kept.

This is what happens when I bottle it up. It explodes all at once!