Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union.

I just watched a rebroadcast of Obama's state of the Union address. I didn't watch it when it aired on primetime, so I watched it at 1 am. Problem is, now I'm so upset that there's no way I'll be able to sleep unless I vent a little! I'll try to keep this light:

There are several things that I notice in all Obama speeches that seriously upset me. First of all, he comes out with the most arrogance I have ever seen in any man. He comes to the pulpit already saying "you're welcome".

For example, he talks about how he's continuing to push for healthcare. This bill, he claims is going to save us a bunch of money and decrease our national debt. Let's do math on the White House calculator: Take a 12 trillion dollar debt + 787 billion stimulus + 20,000 per clunker + 1 trillion for healthcare . . . carry the 1, then add gumdrops and rainbows. Oh, I understand now. Obama then has the nerve and arrogance to tell us that universal healthcare is for our good and will benefit us. Hm, last I saw, the approval rating for healthcare was scraping 35%. Wow. No one wants it, but THANK YOU, Barack! Thank you so much for pushing for something that we don't even want, I guess we're too RETARDED to make this decision ourselves. Thank goodness you are smart enough to understand that we don't know what we want.

Obama seems to condescend to his audience. Whenever someone yells some snide comment from the audience (which I also think is stupid, by the way) he always snaps back with something like, "look it up." Yes, Barack, I know that your intelligence is so superior to mine, thank you. He acts like a bully when people disagree with him.

Oh, and way to go for pushing aside the victory in Massachusetts like it was nothing big, even though a major issue for Brown's campaign was that he would VOTE NO ON HEALTHCARE. And people still voted for him . . .

I am so, so, so angry every time Barack blames our problems on the previous administration. Even if you believe that it's true, get over it! You have to man up. YOU are in charge now! You can't blame everything on Bush. You can't hide behind that excuse when your approval ratings drop faster than any president in U.S. history. I can't even explain enough how much this makes my blood boil. It's like he thinks he craps gold, so whenever something goes wrong it couldn't possibly be any fault of his. If I hear him blame someone else for problems in his administration again, I just might punch myself in the face.

Yes, this was the light version. I may regret this and delete it by tomorrow morning, so count yourself lucky if you got to read it. In other words, "you're welcome."

Is it 2012 yet?